Bringing hope to our child at a time!

Our mission is to create a strategic “Development Centre” over the next 10 years that will teach them faith-based life skills resulting in knowing their Bible, knowing a skill and knowing self from the time they enter as a preschooler to exiting as a young adult in order to effectively engage in South Africa’s society and beyond.

With the increasing issues of teenage pregnancies, child headed households due to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS and poverty, Hope of Glory Ministries has taken on the responsibility to address these issues and more by lending a helping hand to the children, grannies and others in the Lefatlheng and surrounding communities.

We accomplish these things by feeding the kids weekly, clothing them, helping with their homework, sharing the Bible and the Gospel in a variety of ways, dancing through arts and culture, sports activities and engaging them in life skills training such as agriculture. We embrace our African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Together we can do so much more to make a better place to live through their growth and development!







 List of Current Needs;


  • Shoes!

  • Food

  • Tutoring

  • Sports

  • Christ 





School Shoes Drive:


  • $14 dollars a pair

  • $2,800 dollars for 200 shoes

  • New school year starts Jan., 2016

  • Distribute between Jan. 21 - Feb. 5, 2016

  • Funds given is receipted & tax deductible

  • How? Go to donation page!